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Travelling to  Kythira, is not just a journey it is a trip to a picturesque place , in the island of love and romanticism. In Kythera according to Isiodos’ Theogony, Venus was born from the cut genital members of Uranus and was worshiped as the protectress of pure love where as in Cyprus, where she finally arrived, was adored in her carnal dimension. In Kythira according to the myth, Paris and Helen chased by Menelaos found a shelter protected from Venus. Kythira was also a source of inspiration for poets and artists, a characteristic example is « the Embarkation for Kythira of Antoine Watteau, a travel in a place carefree and almost exotic.

The nature was generous in this place of oppositions. Colors, perfumes, gorges, running waters and waterfalls enchant the visitor from the first glance. The history of Kythira is engraved in each inch of the island and in each Stone. Already from the antiquity but also at the modern years the island constituted not only a strategic point but also a crossroad of cultures.

The words can not convey the magic and the aura of this island, for this reason you have to visit Κythira in order to live moments of  and relaxation such those that come out of Watteau’s paintings.