Daira Apartments


As we are welcoming the new or older guests of Daira rooms,

We only hope that the voyage to Kythera would provide you a unique experience full of beautiful images that will accompany you forever and shall make you dream once again of your return to the mysterious island of love.

In the Daira apartments located in the village of Diakofti and on walking distance from the beach, which is of a unique beauty, the visitor has the possibility to choose among the six fully equipped rooms the one that covers his needs to the fullest extent .The large capacity of the apartments can satisfy the needs of the visitors as there is an availability of two or three room apartments.The welcoming character of its owners, the diligent and meticulous care of the rooms, the tranquility of the landscape as well as the autonomy of the band’s sites contribute to a pleasant stay.

In the family business of the Daira rooms, you will have the opportunity to experience unique moments of relaxation, enjoying the sea view from the spacious and private verandas while service owners will do everyone individually to really feel like home.

We honestly hope that the visitor of Kythera has a pleasant stay with memories sweet as the warm colors of the East ,the saltiness of the sea and as everything that makes the mind travel away and dream over and over the union with the nature of this enchanted place of KythereiaVenus.